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10001 Aurora Ave N | Click here for Store Hours
10001 Aurora Ave N | Click here for Store Hours

Vintage signed Original Lithograph “Duomo” by European Artist Max Gunther

Original price $1,195.00 - Original price $1,195.00
Original price
$1,195.00 - $1,195.00
Current price $1,195.00

Dimensions: 31W 25H 1.5D 

About the Artist

Born in Zurich, Switzerland, in 1934, this immensely successful young artist has studied his trade since the age of 16. He has lived in Zurich, Paris, London, and currently resides in Rome where he shows at the Gallery 88.

His subjects are ships - idealized, mysterious ships, and cities - luminous, rainwashed - the very essence of cities. His compositions are alive with people, sometimes merely suggested with a few deft lines and sometimes left only to the viewer's imagination, but always alive. His universal appeal is attested to by the speed with which his works disappear into the hands of collectors both novice and sophis-ticated, in Europe and America.