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10001 Aurora Ave N | Click here for Store Hours
10001 Aurora Ave N | Click here for Store Hours

Vintage Danish Imported Mid Century Standalone Bookcase or Bookshelf With Writing Desk or Bar Top (Available by Online Purchase Only)

Original price $9,395.00 - Original price $9,395.00
Original price
$9,395.00 - $9,395.00
Current price $9,395.00

The statement piece that will define your space yet also help to contain, organize and curate your stuff
use the drop-down surface on either side as a workstation or a bar plentiful storage including shelves, drawers and cabinet space open design and great proportions make this wall unit unimposing despite its significant size
kick-out legs also “lighten” the piece and provide the essential mid-century vibe

Dimensions Overall: 83W; 71 H; 16 D
Top right cabinet 371/2 W; 23 H; 71/2 D Top left cabinet 37 W; 81/2 D; 9 H Bottom Left Cabinet 37 W; 13 H; 181/2 D